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How Solomon Admissions Consulting Eases The Acceptance Process

April 20, 2018
Because of the massive competition involved, admission to the best colleges in the country can be enormously difficult and intimidating and it becomes more so every year. That is because a degree from a school like Harvard, Yale or Stanford can increase a person’s earning power by millions of dollars over a career. That is a key reason more students are turning to experts, like the professionals at Solomon Admissions Consulting, to help them through this grueling process.

The fine professionals at Solomon Admissions Consulting will go through everything with a fine tooth comb. Former admissions counselors themselves, they know how to make sure student essays, teacher recommendation letters, activity sheets, addenda, and even interviews all support the positioning strategy that is best for the school to which the student is applying. They also know that thousands of prospective students will apply to these schools for a very limited number of openings, and they all will have excellent academic credentials.